Code.                                     DESCRIPTION OF BOOKS.   Price.
Q101 GENERAL: Irvine/Seshold. Errors in Postage Stamp Design. H/B & D/C. 10.00
Q102 GENERAL: Melville. Stamp Collections for War Museums. S/B. Ex.Libris. 20.00
Q103 GENERAL: Melville. The Romance of Postage Stamps. H/B. Ex.Libris. 5.00
Q104 GENERAL: Novacek. Guide to Stamp Collecting of the World. H/B & D/C. 8.00
Q105 GENERAL: Phillips/Rang. How to arrange and write-up a Stamp Collection. 4th edition. H/B & D/C.  6.00
Q106 GENERAL: Sefi: An Introduction to Advanced Philately with Plates. Very Scarce Book. H/B & D/C.
    With All Pages and Plates. Limited Edition to 250 Copies. Ex.Libris. 120.00
Q107 GENERAL: Watson. The Book of Stamps and Stamp Collecting. Stanley Gibbons. S/B. 7.50
Q108 GENERAL: Williams. Stamp Collecting & Narbeth: Collecting British Stamps. (2) 2.00
Q109 GENERAL: Williams/Williams. Famous Stamps. H/B 12.00
Q110 GENERAL: Williams/Williams. Illustrated Teach Yourself. Stamp Collecting. S/B. 3.00
Q111 GENERAL: Williams/Williams. More Famous Stamps. H/B 10.00
Q112 GENERAL: Williams/Williams. Stamps of Fame. H/B. Slight Faults. 11.00
Q113 GENERAL: Williams/Williams. The Fundamentals of Philately. Hardbound and in Very Good Condition. Scarce. (A.P.S.). 75.00
Q114 AIRMAILS: Harris: World's First Air Stamp. Italy 1917. European Philatelic Library. S/B. 4.00
Q115 AIRMAILS-AUCTION: Harmers. The Boonshaft Collection of Airmails of the World. 16.12.93. S/B & P/R.. 5.00
Q116 AIRMAILS-AUCTION: Harmers. The "Pegasus" Collection. 11/12.3.1986. S/B. 10.00
Q117 AIRMAILS-AUCTION: Harmers. The Peinado Colombia Airmails. 19.10.2000. S/B 5.00
Q118 AIRMAILS-AUCTION: Harmers. The "Gaetano Vullo" The Balloon Posts of Paris 1870-1871. 11.12.2007. S/B. 5.00
Q119 AIRMAILS-AUCTION: Phillips. The "Osprey" Collection of Aviation & Airpost Covers & Cards. 3-4.11.1983. S/B & P/R. 10.00
Q120 AIRMAILS-AUCTION-ZEPPELIN: Harmer Rooke. Zeppelin Flights of the World Auction Catalogue. 19-20.5.1965. S/B. 10.00
Q121 AIRMAILS-COLOMBIA-AUCTION: Spink-Lugano. Incl. Felipe Toro Pinzón Collections of Classics & Airmails. 10.11.2016. S/B. 5.00
Q122 AIRMAILS-FRANCE: Silombra. Histoire de L'Aerostation et de L'Aviation Francaise de 1783 A 1930. H/B. 20.00
Q123 AIRMAILS-GB: B.A.F. 2nd National Airmail Exhibition Programme & Report. 23-24-.10.82. S/B. 5.00
Q124 AIRMAILS-GB: Jones. Etiquettes: Par Avion - By Air Mail. B.A.F. 1992. S/B. 15.00
Q125 AIRMAILS-GB: O.H.M.S. WAR BOOK. R.A.F. Middle East. The Official Story of Air Operations, Feb.1942-Jan. 1943. S/B. 10.00
Q126 AIRMAILS-GB: Newall. British External Airmails Until 1934. H/B & D/C. 30.00
Q127 AIRMAILS-GB: Railway Air Services. The Development of British Internal Air Mails From 1933 to 1939. L/L. 4.00
Q128 AIRMAILS-GB-POSTAL STATIONERY: Adby. Aerogrammes, Airmail Letter Cards and Air Letters. Sp/B. QB Software:  7.50
Q129 AIRMAILS-JAPAN: Kessler's Catalogue of Aerogrames. Reproduction of Vol.1 & Vol.II pages for Aerograms of Japan.  2.60
Q130 AIRMAILS-MALTA: Ward. Airmails of Malta. Sp/B. 10.00
Q131 AIRMAILS-SARAWAK: Rogers. The Air Mail of Sarawak. 1926-1941. (S.S.S. 1996) S/B. 15.00
Q132 AIRMAILS-SWITZERLAND: Schweizerischer Luftpost-Katatop mit Zeppelinpost und Liechtensteinflugen. 1949. S/B. 12.50
Q133 AIRMAILS-U.S.A.: American Air Mail Catalogue. A Reference Listing of Airposts of the World. Volume 1. 4th Edition. H/B & D/C. 15.00
Q134 AIRMAILS-U.S.A.: American Air Mail Catalogue. A Reference Listing of Airposts of the World. Volume 2. 4th Edition. H/B & D/C. 10.00
Q135 AIRMAILS-WORLD: Field. World Air Posts. The Aero Field Handbook No.9. S/B. 8.00
Q136 ANTARCTICA: Pirie. Antarctic Posts. S/B. 12.50
Q137 ARCTICA: Greenland. Watkins Mountains Expedition. 1969. Preliminary Report. S/B. 5.00
Q138 AUCTION: Bennett. Michael D. Rubin Collection of G.B. & B.Commonwealth. 24.6.2001. H/B. 6.00
Q139 AUCTION: Feldman: Rarities of the World. Spring 2005. 24.5.2005. H/B. 10.00
Q140 CATALOGUE-COMMONWEALTH: C.S.C. Commonwealth Catalogue of Queen Elizabeth Stamps. 1956 Edition. H/B & D/C. 4.00
Q141 CATALOGUE-COMMONWEALTH: Stanley Gibbons. Part 1. British Commonwealth Catalogue. 1973. H/B. 2.00
Q142 CATALOGUE-SCANDINAVIA: AFA. Skandinavien Frimaerkrkatalog. 2001. S/B. 4.50
Q143 CATALOGUE-GREECE: Karamitsos. 2012 Hellas - Stamp Catalogue and Postal History Volume II. 1960-2011. S/B. 10.00
Q144 CATALOGUE-HUNGARY: Philatelia Hungarica. Magyar Posta-Es Illetekbelyeg Katalogus. 2000. S/B. 3.00
Q145 CATALOGUE-SWITZERLAND: Amateur Collector. Switzerland Catalogue. 1986 edition. Sp/B. 2.00
Q146 CATALOGUE-U.S.A.: Scott. 2003 United States Specialized Catalogue of U.S. Stamps & Covers. Sp/B. 7.50
Q147 CATALOGUE-MICHEL: Deutschland Junior-Katalog 2011 in Colour. S/B. 8.00
Q148 CATALOGUE-MICHEL: Schweiz/Liechtenstein-Spezial. 2000. S/B. 3.00
Q149 CATALOGUE-YVERT & TELLIER: Tome 1 Timbres de France. 1995 edition. S/B. 2.80
Q150 CATALOGUE-YVERT & TELLIER: Tome 1 bis. Timbres de Monaco, Andorre, Europa, Nations Unies. 1999. S/B. 3.00
Q151 CATALOGUE-YVERT & TELLIER: Tome 3. 2 Partie. Timbres D'Europe de L'Ouest 2004. De Heligoland-Pays-Bas. S/B. 6.00
Q153 COINS: Porteous. Coins - Pleasures and Treasures. H/B & D/C. 5.00
Q154 COMMONWEALTH. Heins. The Numeral Cancellations of the British Empire. Cover Faults. S/B. 12.00
Q155 COMMONWEALTH. Lowe: The Regent Encyclopaedia of Empire Postage Stamps. 1935. H/B. Faults. 15.00
Q156 COMMONWEALTH. Lowe: The Watson Postcards. S/B. 7.50
Q157 DVD: A Celebration of the Life of Philip Grierson. Fritwilliam Museum Cambridge. 3.00
Q158 EASTERN PACIFIC: Stanley Gibbons 2 Reigns Eastern Pacific Catalogue. S/B. 1.50
Q159 ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Billigs Philatelic Handbook. Volume 34. Great Britain and the Empire in Europe. Part I. H/B. 15.00
Q160 ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Billigs Philatelic Handbook. Volume 35. Great Britain and the Empire in Europe. Part II. H/B. 15.00
Q161 ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Billigs Philatelic Handbook. Volume 36. The Empire in Africa. Part I. H/B. 15.00
Q162 ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Billigs Philatelic Handbook. Volume 37. The Empire in Africa. Part 2. H/B. 15.00
Q163 ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Hurt/Williams. Handbook of the Local Postage Stamps. Complete-Part 1-5. H/B.  35.00
Q164 ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Lowe. British Empire Postage Stamps. Vol.1. G.B. & Empire in Europe. 2nd Ed. H/B. 35.00
Q165 ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Lowe. British Empire Postage Stamps. Vol.4. Australasia. H/B. 75.00
Q166 ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Lowe. British Empire Postage Stamps. Vol.4. Australasia. 1976 Supplement. S/B. 7.50
Q167 ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Lowe. British Empire Postage Stamps. Vol.5. North America. H/B & D/C. New? 60.00
Q168 FORCES MAIL: 2018 Autumn Stampex: F.P.H.S. Centenary of the End of the Great War Display Catalogue. 4.00
Q169 FORGERIES: Dalton et Al.: Early Forged Stamps Detector. Including Addenda. S/B. 15.00
Q170 FORGERIES: Sefi. Forgeries and Fakes. S/B. 12.50
Q171 FORGERIES: Tyler. Philatelic Forgers. Their Lives and Works. S/B. 20.00
Q172 FORGERIES-PORTUGAL: Davies. Forgeries of Portugal and Colonies. S/B. New. 30.00
Q173 JOURNALS: PACIFIC ISLANDS - PACIFICA: 2006 Vol.44 No.174-177 Plus No.179 - April 2007. (5). 2.00
Q174 POSTAL STATIONERY: Neuer Ganzsachen - Katalog. 1. Lieferung Europa. Albanien - Danemark. S/B. 3.00
Q175 POSTAL STATIONERY: Neuer Ganzsachen - Katalog. 2. Deutschland. Baden bis Thurn und Taxis und Helgoland. S/B. 3.00
Q176 POSTAL STATIONERY: Neuer Ganzsachen - Katalog. 3. Deutschland. Wurttemberg. Deutsches Reich 1. S/B. 3.00
Q177 R.P.S.L.-COOPER LECTURE: GB. Secured Delivery Leading to Introduction of Registered Mail. 1450-1862. S/B. 15.00
Q178 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: DANZIG: Hennig. 28.02.1985. S/B. 7.50
Q179 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: G.B. Galland. Sir Daniel Cooper Lecture G.B. 1855-1880. 8.05.2014. S/B. 5.00
Q180 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: G.B. Jay. The Postal History of London up to about 1840. 22.5.1986. S/B. 3.00
Q181 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: G.B.-CHANNEL ISLANDS. 60th Anniversary Display by the C.I.S.S. 14.10.2010. S/B. In Colour. 7.50
Q182 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: ITALY. Vollmeier. Kingdom of Sicily (The Pre-Stamp Period). 28.2.97. S/B. 3.00
Q183 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: LATIN AMERICA. Shaw/Staffod/Todd. Latibn America Display. 4.10.2018. S/B. 3.00
Q184 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: BELGIUM. Maselis. Belgians in The World. 8.11.2018. S/B. 5.00
Q185 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: NEW ZEALAND: Maselis. The Development of Postal Services in NZ. 1824-1855. S/B. 15.3.12. 5.00
Q186 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS. NORTH AMERICA: Walske. North American Blockade Run Mail. 1775-1815. 26.02.2015. S/B. 4.00
Q187 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: ST.CHRISTOPHER, St.KITTS NEVIS. Brookes. St. Christopher, St. Kitts-Nevis. S/B. 3.00
Q188 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: SIAM: Chirakiti +: Classic Siam - The Early Years. 10.4.08. S/B. 4.00
Q189 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: SICILY. Lombardo. Sicily 1st January 1859 - July 1860. 7.05.2015. S/B. In Colour. 5.00
Q190 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: SMYRENA. Fulford. One of the Major Ports of the Ottoman Empire. S/B. 4.00
Q191 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: SOUTH EAST ASIA.: Dyce/Jackson. The British and Dutch in South-East Asia. 10.03.2011. S/B. 4.00
Q192 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: TRIESTE: Rohifs. International Mail via Trieste 1840-1871. 26.11.09. S/B. 2.40
Q193 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: TRISTAN DA CUNHA. Rainey. The Postal History of T.D.C. 1892-1945. 25.11.10. S/B. 5.00
Q194 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: U.S.A.: Richardson. United States Postal Service. Postal Rates 1851-1863. 4.04.2013. Sp/B. 6.00
Q195 R.P.S.L.-DISPLAY PAPERS: WEST AFRICA. Sacher. The Postal History to end of 19th Century. 8.5.08. S/B. 5.00
Q196 THEMATIC-GENERAL: Last. Thematic Ventures. S/B. 3.00
Q197 THEMATIC-GENERAL: Lee/West. Introducing Thematic Collecting . S/B. 3.00
Q198 THEMATIC-GENERAL: Van Den Bold: Handbook of Thematic Philately. H/B & D/C. 10.00
Q199 THEMATIC-CHARLES DARWIN: Robb/Norris. A Ceklebration in Stamps - Part 1 Charles Darwin and Eviolution. Sp/B. 10.00
Q200 THEMATIC-CHESS: Stanley Gibbons. Collect CHESS on Stamps. S/B. 2.00
Q201 THEMATIC-CHRISTMAS: Sager/Berry. 75 Years of Christmas Stamps. S/B 5.00
Q202 THEMATIC-COPERNICUS: Nicolaus Copernicus Stamp Catalogue 1973-76. S/B. 15.00
Q203 THEMATIC-MUSIC: Peat. Music on Stamps. Part 7. Native and Folk Instruments. S/B. 4.00
Q204 THEMATIC-MUSIC: Peat. Music on Stamps. Part 8. Musicians of North America (a). S/B. 4.00
Q205 THEMATIC-MUSIC: Peat. Music on Stamps. Part 9. Musicians of North America (b). S/B. 4.00
Q206 THEMATIC-OLYMPICS: Trachtenberg. Sport Olympiques & Scoutisme Catalogue Par Series. 1982-1983. S/B. 2.00
Q207 THEMATIC-PHYSICS: Burge/Lumachi. Physics on Stamps. 2nd Edition. Loose Leaf. 4.00
Q208 THEMATIC-PHYSICS: Weber. Physics on Stamps. H/B & D/C. 15.00
Q209 THEMATIC-RAILWAYS: Burkhalter. Collect Railways on Stamps. (Stanley Gibbons). S/B. 2.00
Q210 THEMATIC-ROAD SAFETY: Gysin. Drink-Driving, Alcohol and Drugs on Postal Cancellations. S/B.E42 10.00
Q211 THEMATIC-SCIENCE: Manning. Selected Earth Science Thematic Stamps of The Chinese People's Republic. S/B. 3.00
Q212 THEMATIC-SCIENCE: Truman. Science Stamps. Handbook No.87. S/B. 5.00
Q213 THEMATIC-SCOUTS: McKee. The 1994 Checklist if Scout, Guide & Brigade Stamps of the World. 16th Ed. S/B. 3.00
Q214 THEMATIC-SHIPS. Argyle. Ships on Stamps. Part 1 to 10 Complete. H/B. 40.00
Q215 THEMATIC-SPORT: Enhagen. Sports Stamps. 1961. H/B & D/C. 4.00
Q216 THEMATIC-U.P.U.: Connecter Secteur Postal D'Aujourd'Hui Avec Le Monde de Demain S.B. Ex.Libris. 2.00
Q217 THEMATIC-VETERINARY SCIENCE: Gysin/Locke. Cancellations - Veterinary Science. 1996. S/B. 7.00
Q218 THEMATIC-VETERINARY SCIENCE: Locke/Gysin. Veterinary Science on Postal Cancellations. 2004. S/B. 7.50
Q219 THEMATIC-WORLD WILDLIFE FUND: Groth. WWF Briefmarken-Katalog Stamp Catalogue. S/B. 5.00
Q220 THEMATIC-ZOOLOGY: Renouf. The Stamp Zoo. Part 1 Beasts. S/B. 7.50
Q221 THEMATIC-ZOOLOGY: Renouf. The Stamp Zoo. Part 2 Birds, Fish & Reptiles. S/B. 7.50
Q222 THEMATIC-ZOOLOGY: Way/Standen. Zoology in Postage Stamps. H/B. 15.00
Q223 THEMATIC-CATALOGUE: CHESS. Domfil. Chess Thematic Stamp Catalogue. S/B. 5.00
Q224 THEMATIC-CATALOGUE: EUROPA-CEPT. Domfil Thematic Specialised Stamp Catalogue. 2001. S/B. 5.00
Q225 WEST INDIES: Britnor. The Introduction to the Postal History of the West Indies. B.W.I.S.C. S/B. 27.50
Q226 WEST INDIES: Stitt-Dibden. The Mail Routes to the West Indies - A Research Document. (P.H.S. Number 21). S/B. 15.00
Q227 WORLD: Moens. Volume 1 - Telegraphes. 1892 Edition. Ex. Libris. H/B. Binding Fault. 20.00
Q228 ASCENSION ISLAND: Ford. The History and Postage Stamps of Ascension Island. S/B. Cover Stain. 15.00
Q229 AUSTRALIA: Australian P.O. The 1913-14 Recess-Printed & KGV Sideface & Pictorial Definitives Stamps. S/B. 5.00
Q230 AUSTRALIA: Australian P.O. Australian Commemorative and Air Mail Stamps 1927 to 1951. S/B. 5.00
Q231 AUSTRALIA: Mathieson: Famous Mail Planes Faith in Australia & Amy Johnson 1903-1941. (2). S/B. 2.40
Q232 AUSTRALIA: Pailthrope/Peck/Sheppard. The Kangaroo Series Master Dies. L/L. 3.00
Q233 AUSTRALIA: Rosenblum. The Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia - A Handbook. 2nd Edition. S/B. Ex.Libris. 8.00
Q234 AUSTRALIA: Tapp. 1965 Christmas Issue. Blue Mask Variety. L/L. 2.40
Q235 AUSTRALIA: Ward. An Introduction to the Study of the KGV 1½d Die 2. S/B. 7.50
Q236 AUSTRALIA-A.P.P.G. The Collection of 1991 Australian Stamps Descriptive Book. H/B. No Stamps. 3.00
Q237 AUSTRALIA-AUCTION: Harmers. Australasia. 20.2.1979. S/B & P/R. 8.00
Q238 AUSTRALIA-AUCTION: Sotherby's. The James B. Williamson Collection. 18.09.81. S/B & P/R. (2). 7.50
Q239 AUSTRALIA-AUCTION: Spink. Australia States and Australian Booklets. 18.9.03. S/B. 5.00
Q240 AUSTRALIA-CATALOGUE: Kellow. Brusden-White. King George V Catalogue in L/L Binder. Also Includes Australian Colonies. 12.50
Q241 AUSTRALIA-CATALOGUE: Stamp Factory. The Stamps of Australia with Australian Antarctic Territory. S/B. 3.00
Q242 BARBADOS: Clarke et Al.: Barbados Post Office Markings to 1981. H/B. 20.00
Q243 BELGIUM: Horne. Belgium The 1935 State Seal Issue. With Review. S/B. 15.00
Q244 CANADA: Collection Canada - 1997. H/B. 2.00
Q245 CANADA: Bailey/Toop: Canadian Military Posts. Volume 3. 1947-89. Proud. H/B. 20.00
Q246 CANADA: Davis. Canada Special Delivery. S/B. 10.00
Q247 CANADA: Jarrett. B.N.A. Book - Stamps of British North America. H/B. 25.00
Q248 CANADA: Lyman's Standard Catalogue of Canada-BNA Postage Stamps. 39th Edition. S/B. 4.00
Q249 CANADA: McCann. Standard Catalogue of Canadian Booklet Stamps. 1988. S/B. 5.00
Q250 CANADA: Reiche. A Large Queen's Report. Complete with Plates. S/B. 10.00
Q251 CANADA: Reiche: The Admiral Stamps of 1911 to 1925. (Part 1 & Part 2) S/B. 27.50
Q252 CANADA: Richardson. Canada-B.N.A. Philately (An Outline). S/B. 10.00
Q253 CANADA: Stevenson. Canadian Election Postal Stationery. (P.S.S. Monograph No.5). S/B. 7.50
Q254 CANADA: Woodall: The Postal History of Yukon Territory. Revised Edition. H/B & D/C. 20.00
Q255 CANADA-EXHIBITIONS: Capex 87 - Toronto. Colour Sales Brochure. Southern Stamp Services. S/B. 2.00
Q256 CANADA-RAILWAYS: Shaw. The Handbook and Catalogue of Canadian Transportation Postmarks. H/B. With Errata. Scarce. 45.00
Q257 CANADA-BRITISH COLUMBIA: Topping. British Columbia Post Offices. Expanded Revised Edition. S/B. 10.00
Q258 CANADA-NEW BRUNSWICK & NOVA SCOTIA. Argenti: The Postage Stamps. H/B. 75.00
Q259 CANADA-NEW BRUNSWICK: MacManus. Post Office of New Brunswick. 1783-1930. S/B. 18.00
Q260 CANADA-NEW BRUNSWICK: Poole. Postage Stamps of New Brunswick. (Booklet No.28) Ex.Libris. S/B. 15.00
Q261 CANADA-PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND: Poole. Postage Stamps of Prince Edward Island. (Booklet No.27) Ex.Libris. S/B. 15.00
Q262 CANADA-PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND: Tomlinson/Cloucher. Prince Edward Island. S/B. 20.00
Q263 CAYMAN Is.-AUCTION: Christies-R.L.: Cayman Islands - The John Byl Collection. 4.6.1992. S/B & P/R. (2). 6.00
Q264 CHINA: Chow. Shanghai Large Dragons. 1996. S/B. 25.00
Q265 CHINA: Dougan. The Shanghai Postal System - The Stamps and Postal History. H/B. 35.00
Q266 CHINA: Drury. Chinese Postage Stamps. Complete with the Two Plates. S/B. Ex.Libris. 30.00
Q267 CHINA: Hubbard. Handbook of Early Chinese Communist Stamps. 1928-1938. S/B. CSS. 25.00
Q268 CHINA: Jan-Syan/Rogers. English-Chinese Dictionary and Identification Key. S/B. 20.00
Q269 CHINA: Livingston. Catalogue of the Shanghai Postal System. S/B. 9.00
Q270 CHINA: Morgan. Chats on the Stamps of China. Philatelic Magazine Handbook Number 1. S/B. 12.50
Q271 CHINA: Padget. The Postal Markings of China. S/B. CPSL. 25.00
Q272 CHINA: Zirkle. Neues Handbuch der Briefmarkenkunde-Heft 22. Mandschukuo. S/B. 7.50
Q273 CHINA-SHANGHAI: Bonner. Shanghai Postal System Cancels 1865-1932. S/B. 12.00
Q274 CHINA-SHANGHAI: Thornhill: Shanghai with Notes & Publishers' Prices. The S.G. Reprint. S/B. Faults. 12.50
Q275 CHINA-AUCTION: Sotheby's-Corinphila. Beckeman China-1878-83 Large Dragons Catalogue. Sale 1. S/B. 7.50
Q276 COMOROS ISLANDS: Rudolphi/Wolter. Neues Handbuch der Briefmarkenkunde-Heft 27. Johanna (Anjouan). S/B. 7.50
Q277 COOK ISLANDS: Burge: The Early Cook Islands Post Office. S/B. 15.00
Q278 COSTA RICA: Harland. Costa Rica - A Minor Plate Study. 1915. S/B. 10.00
Q279 COSTA RICA: Meichin/Cohen. Costa Rica - The First Postage Stamps of 1863. Official Reprint. L/L. 10.00
Q280 COSTA RICA: Moorhouse. Photographic Artwork and Essays from A.B.M.C. Archives c 1910-1950. S/B. Ex.Libris. 2.80
Q281 CYPRUS. Bols. The Postal Surcharge and Revenue Stamps of Cyprus. S/B. 10.00
Q282 CYPRUS: Goodwin. Mail Services of the Pre-1974 Invasion Period. Booklet-1. Cockrill Series-35. S/B. 6.00
Q283 CYPRUS: Goodwin. Post-1974 Mail Routes and Developments. Booklet-4. Cockrill Series-39. S/B. 6.00
Q284 CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Postryttaren. Postmusei Arsbok. 1993. S/B. 3.00
Q285 CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Hill. The Liberation of Olomouco May 1945. Postal Arrangements etc., CPSGB No.14. 10.00
Q286 CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Vondra: The Czechoslovak Specialist - Complete 20th Century Subject Index 1939-1999. Sp/B. 5.00
Q287 CZECH REPUBLIC: Hioloubek. Revolutionary Issues (May 1945) GEO Phila. Praha Xi/1996. S/B. 5.00
Q288 ECUADOR: Seppa. Las Monedas de la Patria 1833-1969. The Coins of Ecuador 1833-1969. 3.00
Q289 EGYPT: Benians: Postage Prepaid Military Datestamps. 1941-1947. S/B. 15.00
Q290 EGYPT: Benians: Postage Prepaid Military Datestamps. 1941-1947. S/B. 15.00
Q291 EGYPT: Dacos: Consular... in Egypt. H/B. 17.50
Q292 EGYPT: Melville. Egypt. H/B. Slight faults as usual. 10.00
Q293 EGYPT: Zeheri. Catalogue des Timbres d'Egypte. 1950 5th Edition S/B. Faults. 12.50
Q294 FALKLAND Is.: Bunt. The De La Rue Definitives of the Falklands. 1901-1927. H/B & D/C. 25.00
Q295 FALKLAND Is.: Howat. Falkland Is. Mails. The Kosmos Years. 1880-1900. H/B. New. 20.00
Q296 FALKLAND Is.: Norris/Beech: The "Travis" Franks and Covers. S/B. 5.00
Q297 FALKLAND Is.-AUCTION: Grosvenor. The John E Du Pont Falkland Islands. 7.03.2013. S/B. 5.00
Q298 FALKLAND Is.-AUCTION: Grosvenor. The "Bougainville" Collection of the Falkland Islands. 22.09.2016. 5.00
Q299 FRANCE: Duparc. La Poste Aujourd'hui et Demain. In Colour. H/B & D/C. 10.00
Q300 FRANCE: Flohic. Le Patrimoine de La Poste. In Colour. S/B. New. 10.00
Q301 FRANCE: Fromaigeat. Histoire des Timbres-Poste de L'Empire. Volume IV. No.137. S/B. 3.00
Q302 FRANCE: Leblache. Les Chemins De Fer Racontes par un Siecle de Timbres--Poste. S/B. 10.00
Q303 FRANCE: Levett. France 1849-1876. (The Ceres Head). S/B. 5.00
Q304 FRANCE-AUCTION: Sotheby's. Covers of the World Carried by French Mailboats Auction Catalogue. 7.10.1982. S/B. 5.00
Q305 FRANCE-AUCTION: Sotheby's. Postage Stamps of France. 12.2.1992. H/B. 12.50
Q306 FRANCE-CATALOGUE: Maury. Catalogue de Timbres-Poste France Communaute Francaise - Zone Franc. 1860-1960. S/B. 3.00
Q307 FRANCE-CATALOGUE: Yvert & Tellier. Catalogue des Cartes-Maximum de France. 1991. S/B. 2.00
Q308 FRANCE-CINDERELLA: Bonneau. Les Vignettes à sujet "Napoleon". S/B. 20.00
Q309 GERMANY: Anderson: Die Bezeichnung der Poststempelforem. S/B. 10.00
Q310 GERMANY: Dolerer. Alte Briefmarken - Batterberg Antiquitaten. S/B. 15.00
Q311 GERMANY: Friebe: Die Sachsischen Sonderstempel bis 1918. S/B. 5.00
Q312 GERMANY: Friedemann: The Stamps & Cancels of the German Colonies and the Post Offices Abroad. 
    Volume 1 and 2. (Details of German Colonial Postmarks, Covers & Postal Stationery. Both H/B. VGC. 75.00
Q313 GERMANY-MARITIME: Drechsel. Norddeutscher Lloyd Breman 1857-1970 History-Fleet-Ship Mails. (English) Vol.1. H/B+D/C. 25.00
Q314 GERMANY-MARITIME: Drechsel. Norddeutscher Lloyd Breman 1857-1970 History-Fleet-Ship Mails. (English) Vol.2. H/B+D/C. 50.00
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    with Red Cloth Covers with Gilt Lettering. Complete in Slip Case. Very Fine Work. V.G.C. (3) 60.00
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    Part 1. Chamba, Faridot, Gwalior, Jhind, Nabha, Patiala. Addenda, Corrigenda, All Plates. 1897. Ex.Libris. Slight Faults. 45.00
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