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National Philatelic Society Library:

"A Society Library and a National Asset"

"To maintain, preserve and conserve the Library as a major resource of philately; available and accessible to 
National Philatelic Society members and to a wider public and to serve as an aid to scholarship"

The National Philatelic Society Library (NPSL) is a world-class 
philatelic library.

 IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE The NPS Library,The Coach House, Bill Hill Park, near Wokingham, Berkshire  is currently closed pending re-housing in London. For further information  Email or telephone 01344 457840

The first date that there is any reference to book or periodical holdings, or, indeed, mention of a librarian in the list of society officers, is 1903. It has developed greatly since then following various bequests and generous donors are still among the biggest contributors to our holdings.

For many, the library is the prime reason for belonging to the National. It is a superb research facility, whether you just want to skim through the latest stamp magazine or catalogue, or wish to undertake a lifetime of researching. New material is being added daily from around the world and it caters for collectors at every level of the hobby and for those with all types of philatelic interest, however obscure these may be.

There are an increasing number of multimedia titles, as electronic publishing takes hold, together with more traditional books, monographs, newspapers, catalogues, exhibition items and periodicals. These go back as far as the 1860s when the hobby, whilst still in its infancy, was first becoming organised and written about.

Details of the books, periodicals and exhibition material held can be readily ascertained by using the Search Facility on this website.

UK members may borrow by post or obtain photocopies of material (copyright permitting). Browse the Library catalogues on line  and contact our Librarian on  

Those who do not have access to the Internet and wish to "browse the shelves at home" should ask for a listing of their specific country or theme to be sent to their home free by post.

Except for reference and rare or valuable material, National PS members in the UK may borrow books and most periodicals for up to four weeks with an extension at the Librarianís decision. Visit the Library or let us know your requirements by phone, letter or e-mail if you wish to borrow by post. 


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       Thematic Subject Headings
       On-line Search database - Books, Periodicals & Exhibition Material
           (plus Stamp Lover Index and Article Index)
       What's new in the Library
       Periodicals Database (English Language & Foreign)
       Rules for use of Library and guidelines for book conservation

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Last updated 14th December 2019

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