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    Recent Additions to the Libraryclick here for a listing of both new and older publications that have been added to the National Philatelic Society Library in recent months

    Philatelic Books – Taken from reviews that have appeared in the Society’s magazine, Stamp Lover, this section seeks to give an idea of the wide range of subjects covered by philately and philatelic literature, as represented by some of the additions to National PS Library of late.

The books listed here are only a small proportion of the philatelic books contained in the National PS Library - to search and browse the listings of over 5,000 philatelic books, plus a wide range of philatelic journals from around the world, click here to visit the National PS Library Books and Periodicals Search Page.

If you would like to donate any philatelic titles our Librarian will be very pleased to hear from  email  


Click here to search the whole catalogue on-line

The Gilbert and Ellice Islands and its Philately  Parts 1-5, Keith Fitchett, 2002-04

Catalogue of the Federal Tobacco Stamps of Canada, Christopher D Ryan, 2013

Tobago The Philatelic Story of a Small Island, Peter C Ford, Charles Freeland & Edward Barrow, 2014

British Presentation Packs, ed. Ian Andrew, 2014

Mobile Post Office Selections Volume No. 7, ed. Jim Felton, 2014

The British Guiana: The World's Most Famous Stamp, Selby Kiffer & Robert A G A Scott, 2014

Afghanistan 1934-1973 A Specialised Catalogue, Robert Jack, 2014

Afghanistan 1973-2014 A Specialised Catalogue, Robert Jack, 2014

Cuban Stamp Booklets (Special Studies Monograph No. 6), Jose Ramon Mallon & Ernesto Cuesta, 2014

The Large Commemorative Datestamps of Japan (1902.06.20-1944.04.24), Charles A L Swenson, 2014

Perkins Bacon Archive No. 3 Engraving Books 1840-1845, ed. Frank L Walton, 2014

Perkins Bacon Archive No.4 Printing Account Books 1840-1946, ed. Frank L Walton, 2014

Postryttaren Arsbok for Postmusei Vanner 2014, ed. Erik Hamberg, 2014

Ocean Penny Post Ocean and Imperial Penny Postage 1840-1918; Elihu Burritt to Sir John Henniker Heaton; a Maritime Social Philately Case Study, David Duncan Turner, 2014

Every Stamp tells a Story, ed. Cheryl R Ganz et al, 2014

The Postal History of the Burgher, Refugee and Concentration Camps of the Anglo-Boer War 1900 to 1903, Richard Stroud, 2014

Canal Zone Postal Stationery, ed. Irwin J Gibbs, 2014

Nevis - The Stamps and Postal History 1661-1890, Federico Borromeo & Charles Freeland, 2014

My propaganda & satirical postcards of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902, John Cowlin, 2014

Maritime Mail via the Caribbean, 1779-1879, Luis Alemany Indarte, 2014

New Zealand post, Richard Beith, 2014

Great Britain Failed Free Handstamps of the Franking System, Robert B Galland & John E Colton, 2014

Besieged in Paris An Englishman's Account of the Franco-German War, 1870-71, Ashley Lawrence, 2014

Holography and Philately, Hans L Bjelkhagen, 2014

Stampe booklets 1962-2013 Study paper No. 15, Chris Georgallis & Mike Spencer, 2014

The Refugee stamps of Cyprus 1974-2015 Study Paper No. 16, John Sims , 2014

The Battles of Coronel and the Falkland Islands in 1914, Tony Walker, ed. Colin Tabeart, 2014

Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World, (6 volumes) 2015

The Postal History of the Type Sage issue of France 1876-1900, Peter R A Kelly, 2015

Perforation fingerprints, David B Escott, 2015

Stanley Gibbons Collect British Stamps, 2015

Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue Australia, 2015

Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue Canada and Provinces, 2015

Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Part 2 Austria and Hungary, 2015

Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Part 1 British Commonwealth to 1970, 2015

Postryttaren Arsbok for Postmusei Vanner 2015, ed. Jan Billgren et al, 2015

Bulletin of the East Africa Study Circle Cumulative Index Issues 1-100, comp. Eric Coulton, 2015

Australasian Crash Mail and Other Incidents Volume One: 1917-1930, Brian R Peace, 2015

Philatelic events that changed the world, Michael Sefi et al, 2015

That Was The Year That Was - 2014, Brian Warren, 2015

European Stamp Issues of the Second World War Images of Triumph, Deceit and Despair, David Parker, 2015

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