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PREPARING YOUR BOOKS (circulating packet)

  • Members who wish to dispose of stamps should use blank 10-page booklets . The only proviso is that the booklets must be no bigger than 5" x 8" (13 cm x 20cm). Nor should they be much smaller.

  • Stamps should be mounted on the right-hand pages only with the selling price clearly marked above them. It is advisable but not essential to add the Stanley Gibbons (SG) catalogue number. This is a convenience to potential buyers. Vendors may cover their books under the Member's Compensation Scheme if they wish at a cost of 3% of their value but there is a maximum of £100 per book that can be covered. Alternatively vendors may cover the books for part of their value.

  • Each book must contain only Great Britain or Commonwealth or Foreign material since there are separate circulating packets for each of these groups.

  • Members wishing to sell through the packet for the first time should contact the Packet Secretary at NPS Unit CP. c/o 3 Dudley Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 2JT. Tel: 01932 229316 who will direct them as to whom they should send their books for circulation. When sending books,.members must ensure that nothing on the outer packing indicates that they contain philatelic material. We recommend that a stamped, self-addressed postcard or envelope be enclosed for acknowledgement of receipt.

  • When we receive the books they are given an individual reference number so that we can keep close track of them until they are returned to their owners. They are then stored in order of receipt until it is their turn to go into a packet.

  • Vendors should be aware that material may take up to one year for circulation and disbursement.
PRICE & CONDITION (circulating packet)
  • We do not try to tell members what they should charge for their stamps but it may be helpful to note that on the whole buyers consider it reasonable to pay two-thirds of the SG catalogue price for unmounted mint, one-third for mounted mint and one-fifth for used. Note that these figures apply to stamps in good condition.

  • Higher value stamps that are heavily mounted (if mint) or faded or have perhaps a defective perforation might sell if they are very cheaply priced but there is no market for heavily cancelled common stamps - for instance, British commemoratives cancelled with wavy lines or part of a slogan.
MAKING UP THE PACKETS (circulating packet)
  • Books of material received from Vendors are made up into Packets consisting of about ten books of a total value up to £1,000. The chief consideration is that the total weight of the packet should be no more than 750g so that it can be sent by second class post. Each packet consists only of Great Britain or Commonwealth or Foreign and is sent on a circuit of up to two dozen members.

  • Because of the restriction on weight, books containing only cheap, common stamps are likely to have to wait longer to go into circulation than more valuable ones. Buyers pay a lot in postage on the packets and it is unfair to them to send out packets which are largely made up of material they are unlikely to want.

  • Besides the books, the packet contains a circulation list giving details of its contents and the names and telephone numbers of members on the circuit, a copy of the rules, addressed labels for forwarding the packet and advice notes (forms for members to send in with details of their purchases.)
THE END OF THE PACKET (circulating packet)
  • When the packet has finished its rounds it goes to a Checker who goes through the books to make sure that every stamp taken has been accounted for and that the advice notes are correct. The Checker notes any discrepancies and returns the packet with his/her report to the office. The books are returned to their owners about four times a year with a cheque for the sales less the Society's 10% commission, Compensation Scheme charge if any and the cost of return postage. If, in the opinion of the packet manager, a book is worth another chance he will retain it for circulation on a future circuit.
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Last updated 9 August 2023

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