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                                  FEBRUARY & APRIL 2003

February 2003

Postal Aspects of Rhodes - a 3 page illustrated article on the postal history and stamps of this Dodecanese island.

Saga of Sedang - a story of these little known stamps and of the adventurer, Marie David de Magrena by Ian Nutley.

Major Force - an interview by Richard West with the new President of the NPS, Major Richard Pratt

Numbers Game - Part 2 on Australian States stamps

Royal Mail Heritage Service a report on the facilities available for research among the Post Office archives at Freeling House, Phoenix Place, London WCI. 

More on Melville - describes an interesting recently discovered Field Service Post Card sent to our Founder Fred Melville, at his home address in Brixton London by C B Melville in 1915 when the latter was serving in the Army at Gallipoli. This bears a postmark which reads Infantry Brigade, Post Office, New Zealand Division, 20 June 1915. Our contributor is appealing for information on the relationship of C B Melville with Fred Melville.

The Worlds Most Beautiful Stamp - A report on a G.B.Commemorative stamp recently awarded the Asiago International Prize in Italy

Last Surviving Penny Black Printing Press – going on permanent display.

Letters Page - members express their views on various philatelic subjects

April 2003

The Story behind the Cover – Article no. 6 in this popular series recalls the Imperial Austro-Hungarian Navy.

The Guild of St. Gabriel – A look at the Guild whose members specialise in collecting religious stamps.

Parcel Reply Cards for Prisoners of War 1914-1918 – an article on the cards that were included in comforts parcels sent to POWs in German prison camps during World War I, so that recipients could advise donors that a parcel had arrived safely. Millions of cards were despatched from various Camps, but they are now scarce and much sought after.

Own a piece of the Rock – Buy a recently issued set of Gibraltar stamps, which contain an element of actual Gibraltar rock.

More on Melville Part 7 – The months article reproduces a report published originally in 1923 about a dinner held in London to celebrate the 25th birthday of the Junior Philatelic Society and also the 42nd birthday of its founder Fred Melville.

Vitamins and the Philatelist – quoting the definition of a vitamin as “a substance that makes you ill if you don’t eat it”, Tom Wilson looks at the research into vitamins over the years as reflected in the stamp album.

Postal glimpses of India – Eric Glasgow looks at a selection of Victorian and Edwardian coloured postcards in his collection that give glimpses of the Indian postal services before 1910.

Life of Horatio Nelson – this article describes the career of Horatio Nelson from his joining the “Raisonnable” as a twelve-year old midshipman to his death at the Battle of Trafalgar. Lord Nelson was portrayed at various stages of this distinguished life in the set of four stamps issued by Gibraltar in 1980 to mark the 175th Anniversary of his death.

How many stamps must one Cover bear? – Ron Berger looks at four covers from French Congo and Cameroun and the number of stamps needed to make up the then current postal rates with pride of place going to the registered cover that on 16 November 1920 was sent from Duala, Cameroun to Ontario Canada via Paris and New York. 

Forgotten Countries – Zululand – Bernard Towler looks at the British Colony that issued its own stamps for ten years prior to its incorporation in Natal.


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