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February 2014

  • Lock Seals of the USA, an unusual aspect of Revenue collection - John Swade describes these paper seals and explains how they were used for revenue protection rather than collection. 

  • The Changing Face of London - Dave Hill has been comparing some of his Edwardian postcards of Central London and considering how they compare to the present scene.

  • A century old Columbian Conundrum discovered in our files - Some years ago our late editor, Michael Furnell some received material from Scott C Owen in the USA regarding errors that appeared on certain stamps issued for the 500th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus's voyage to America. Having carried out further research our present editor explains all.

  • New Issues

    • Holidays for Heroes from Jersey 

    • Pictures of Jersey Cows.

    • Postal services in Estonia

    • The British Settlement of Ascension - the Napoleonic period

    • A couple of co-incidences - Norway and Iceland  

    • New Zealand's National Stamp Exhibition at Lower Hutt  

  • Meeting reports -  Detailed and illustrated reports on  the Members' Displays given on Saturday 9th November and the Annual Competitions Day on 14th December 2013. 

  • Book Reviews - Detailed reviews are now a regular feature of the magazine. In this issue we look at
    The 5 orange - by Dr John Horsey 
    The Postage Stamps of British Central Africa
    - by Brian Coop (Rhodesia Study Circle)
    The Dollis Hill Find
    - by Edward Klempka
    Northern Rhodesia in "Admiral" times - by Alan Drysdall (Rhodesia Study Circle)
    plus some of the latest catalogues from Stanley Gibbons - Commonwealth & British Empire Stamps 1840-1970 (2014), Collect British Stamps (2014) and Stamps of the World Simplified 2014 edition

 PLUS -  Other Regular Features - 

  • The President's Piece, National PS News

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Other Philatelic News - two pages of news from the UK and Overseas including Australia Post's prompt celebration of the England Whitewash.  

  • Stamp Fairs Listing - February, March and April 2014.

April 2014

  • The Many Facets of Colombian Philately, from Philip[ IV to office clippings - Having built up a comprehensive collection of the postal and airmail issues from Colombia and its states, Ian D Anyon, FRPSL, gravitated to its revenues, telegraphs, and local issues which he now describes.

  • What now for the Association of British Philatelic Societies  - how can it improve its service to philatelists? The Midlands Philatelic Federation is asking these questions and John Davies replies.

  • Opened by Censor - Dave Hill compares mail censorship in World War I as carried out by the British, French and Germans.

  • New Issues

    • The completion of four annual issues from Australian Antarctic Territory to mark the centenary of the 1911-14 expedition led by Douglas Mawson.

    • The 2014 Winter Olympics as commemorated by Liechtenstein, Norway and Canada

    • The British Virgin Islands and the Antillean Crested Hummingbird.

    • New definitves from Gibraltar

    • Trades of Yesteryear - four years of Charity stamps from Luxembourg.

  • Meeting reports -  Detailed and illustrated reports on  the display "The Austro-Hungarian Navy during World War I" given by Lindy Bosworth on Saturday 11th January and "The Delivery of the Mail" given by John Davis FRPSL on Saturday 8th February 2014. 

  • Book Reviews - Detailed reviews are now a regular feature of the magazine. In this issue we look at
    British Guiana: The Provisionals of 1882 - by Dr John Horsey 
    Afghanistan 1870-1900: A Specialised Catalogue
    - by Robert Jack
    United Kingdom Revenues - 5th edition
    -  published by J Barefoot Ltd
    The KGVI Postage and Revenue Definitives of Southern Rhodesia - by George Stewart & Colin Hoffman (Rhodesia Study Circle Handbook Memoir 21)
    The Postal History of North -Eastern Rhodesia 
    - by Alan Drysdall & Anita McCullough (Rhodesia Study Circle Handbook Memoir 13) 
    Prisoners of War in British Hands during WWI 
    - by Graham Mark
    The Encyclopaedia if Jamaican Philately, Vol 8 Air Mails
    - by Steve Jarvis & David Atkinson 
    Stanley Gibbons  Catalogue - North East Africa (1rt edition 2013)

 PLUS -  Other Regular Features - 

  • The President's Piece, National PS News, Message from the Editor

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Other Philatelic News   

  • Stamp Fairs Listing -  April, May and June  2014.


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