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June 2008 -  Special Centenary Issue

This 100-page special edition has something for everyone - 

  • Odd Jottings - You found it in a skip? - A tale of a collection being placed in a skip by grieving relatives gives "Old Codger" further food for thought.

  • National PS Meeting at Harrogate 2008 - A fine series of varied displays, some by members who had not previously been able to get to a London meeting of the Society, and an excellent presentation by Michael Sefi FRPSL, the Keeper of the Royal Philatelic Collection made for a successful country meeting on 2 May 2008. Chris Oliver describes all.

  • Has much changed? - Richard West looks at philately in 1908 - the year Stamp Lover was first published. 

  • Computers and Philately - Chris King explains how computers have improved his enjoyment and knowledge of philately and offers his experience and advice.

  • Philatelic Research - A Basic Guide - A systematic approach is invaluable for those embarking on a philatelic research project. In this article, David R Beech sets out some basic concepts to this end.

  • British Stamp Exhibitions - Glenn Morgan describes  the JPS Exhibition of the Stamps of the British Empire in 1908 and then moves on to the present day as he looks forward to London 2010.

  • The Growth of Transatlantic Airmails - The challenges faced by the pioneers of transatlantic airmails are recalled in this suitably illustrated article by Richard Beith.

  • Introducing Social Philately - Social Philately began during the 1980s and was included as an "experimental class" in the International Exhibition in Melbourne in 1999. Christine Earle explains what Social Philately is all about and how to get started.

  • The Iconic Machin Stamps - over 40 years old, the Machin image on British stamps has been one of the top iconic images of the 20th Century. In this article, Michael Lockton looks at their usage - pre decimal 1967-1971 - transitional 1970-1972 and decimal only post March 1972.

  • Thematic Philately - Thematic collecting ("Topical" in the USA) has been around for over one hundred years, expanding greatly over the past 60 years. How to chose a theme, how to display and where to start, are all addressed in this article by John Hayward, Vice Chairman of the British Thematic Association.

  • 1908 and all that..... - In the United States, 1908 saw the release of the new Franklin and Washington definitives. The years of their currency would provide a tremendous field for philatelic study as Michael L Goodman explains. 

  • 1908-2008-2012: The Franco-British Exhibition and the Olympic Games - These two major events in 1908, a look forward to the Games of 2008 and 2012, and a description of Post Office involvement with the London Games of 1948, are all covered in this article by Bob Wilcock

  • The Ideal Stamp - the public furore over the designs of the first King George V postage stamps of Great Britain led the Junior Philatelic society (now the National PS) to run a competition to design an ideal stamp. The result was "The Ideal Stamp" shown on the cover of the Centenary issue (and on Home page of this website). This article by Francis Kiddle covers  the background to the competition and the competition itself, followed by a detailed study of the stamps themselves.

  • Changing perceptions of value and rarity of Postal Stationery - Dr Alan Huggins explains how the attraction and methods of collecting postal stationery have changed since the nineteenth century and concludes that there are many instances globally where really rare items of postal stationery are currently seriously undervalued.

PLUS -  Regular Features - 

  • Michael L Goodman's reports on Recent Displays at the National PS - Sugar & Slavery" by David Hunter (February 2008) and Austria & Lombardy-Venetia 1850 by Keith Tranmer (March 2008)

  • Checklist of Articles in the British Philatelic Press - our twice yearly listing covers the period July - December 2007

  • Stamp Fairs Listing covering June-August 2008.

  • Note from the President, National PS News, Letters to the Editor, Other Philatelic News 



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Last updated 5th August 2008

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