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June 2010

  • War Prisoners' Mail in the Philippines  - Part 2 of David Tett's article continues with a detailed look at the three types of card used by the POWs.

  • The Archaeologist Abroad  -  David Alford's series on the correspondence of Cyprus based Arthur Hubert Stanley Megaw CBE ("Peter") and his wife, Electra, takes us through 1940 -41 as the war impacts on our correspondents. The effect of transit times for mail is examined and this instalment closes with the German occupation of Athens, home of Electra's family. 

  • Ocean Penny Post and the JPS - David Potter describes the moves to he extend  Penny Post to international mail, through the introduction of Imperial Penny Postage in 1898 and finally to letters between Britain and the Unites States effective from  1 October 1908. The event was commemorated by the Junior Philatelic Society (now the National Philatelic Society) by the issue of a special envelope - both the envelope and its designer, Sydney R Turner are featured in this article.

  • To-days definitives and postal rates - Slovakia. In this occasional series, Peter Mellor turns to Slovakia and looks at the attractive cultural heritage definitives issued when that country adopted the euro in 2009.

  • Falklands double bill: Battle of the Falklands, 1914 - In 1964 the Falklands Islands issued a set of stamps commemorating the 50th Anniversary of this World War I naval battle. John Gray writes an account of the battle and H A Osborne describes the HMS Glasgow error that appeared on the 6d stamp of the anniversary set.

  • Checklist of Articles in the British Philatelic Press - our twice yearly listing covers the period July - December 2009

  • Displays galore at the WESTBEX Meeting- for the second year running the National Philatelic Society has held a country meeting at WESTBEX, Thatcham. Michael Goodman describes the range of displays given at the meeting which took place of 27 March 2010. 

  • Recent Displays - Illustrated reports on the presentations given and material shown at recent meetings of the National PS. 

    The Isle of Man - A fine "Open Class" display was given to the Society of Saturday 13 March by  John Sussex RDP, FRPSL embracing all aspects of the isle of Man from its Viking past, the development of tourism, its remarkable transport legacy and the internment centres based there during the two World Wars.

    Churchill -  Simon Moorcroft gave his award winning display of Churchill  to the Society on 10 April in which he combined a fine display of material combined with a lucid grasp of history.

    Two Islands - For this year's President's Display on Saturday 1st May sprang a surprise with new territory in the form of pre-stamp and postal history from the Isle of Purbeck  followed by a display of modern commercial mail from the island of Madagascar now known as the Malagasy Republic.

  • New Issues

    • HM Queen Margrethe II celebrated her 70th birthday on 16 April 2010 and stamps marking the event have been issued by Denmark and Greenland.

    • Denmark - new portrait - With the Queen's birthday Denmark has introduced a new portrait on its definitive stamps which are also the country's first self-adhesive definitives.  

    • Queen's Park, Barbados - four stamps and a miniature marking the centenary of this park and showing some of oits main features.

    • Estonian Independence and Heads of State - A stamp marking the ninetieth anniversary of  the Tartu Peace Treaty by which Soviet Russia recognised Estonia's hard-won independence and a look at the series of stamps which Estonia 'is issuing over a ten year period featuring the country's Heads of State 1918-2018. 

    • Footnotes - Estonia's definitive posthorn stamps were described in October 2008 Stamp Lover - the listing is pdated as two of the stamps have been re-printed in new colours.

    PLUS -  Regular Features - 

    • Book Reviews

    • Letters to the Editor, The President's Piece, National PS News

    • Stamp Fairs Listing - June, July & August 2010.


    August 2010

  • War Prisoners' Mail in the Philippines  - The concluding part of David Tett's article covers mail to the POWs, mail forwarded overseas together with civilian mail. 

  • The Deported  -  Mail and correspondence between Cyprus and South Africa features in this instalment of David Alford's account of the wartime correspondence between Cyprus based Arthur Hubert Stanley Megaw CBE ("Peter") and his wife, Electra following the evacuation of the wives of Colonial Officers from Cyprus after the fall of Crete.

  • Postcard from South Africa - Rabbi Shalom Zaiden explains how a post card from the South African Republic (Transvaal) has a fascinating Jewish historical background.

  • Recent Displays - Reports on the Members Displays given at the Saturday Meeting on 12 June and at the Chelmsford Country Meeting on Saturday 26 June.

  • New Issues

    • "Green" stamps from Finland and Morocco

    • The Centenary of the Commonwealth Coinage celebrated by two stamps from Australia 

    • A $5 Colonial Heritage stamp also from Australia is the first of a number of issues planned in the lead to the Centenary of Commonwealth stamps in 2013 and prompts a look at the reasons why it took so long for a single issue to appear after the formation of the Commonwealth in 1901.

    • King George V and London 2010 - A look at some of the stamps and miniature sheets that have been issued to mark the Centenary of the King's Accession and LONDON 2010.

  • The Reports presented at the Annual General Meeting of the National Philatelic Society held on 12 June 2010.

  • PLUS -  Regular Features - 

    • Book Reviews

    • Letters to the Editor, The President's Piece, National PS News

    • Stamp Fairs Listing - August, September & October 2010.



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