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October 2013 

  • The Classic Issues of Afghanistan - 1871-1876 - At the end of the nineteenth century the stamps of Afghanistan were the "in thing". Robert Jack explains why in his article on the first stamps of that country.

  • Stamp Booklets of South Africa  - The Union of South Africa issued its first stamp booklets one hundred years ago. Chris Oliver looks at the first issue and the booklets that followed over the years.

  • In time of war, gambling and girls - Four covers prompt Dave Hill  to recall George Adams, Tattersalls and "Smiles of France".

  • Machin Post and Go update as sales become more confusing - Michael Goodman brings us up to date on post and go, security markings on the last of the 1st Class gold Machins to look out for and changes to the Horizon labels.

  • New Issues

    • Gibraltar re-issues its 1953 Definitives 

    • A nostalgic look at former art deco railway Tanjong Pagar railway station from Singapore.

    • Denmark commemorates the centenary of the Little Mermaid statue.

    • The 2013 Europa stamps - postal vehicles

    • Coral reefs from Australia. 

  • Meeting reports -  Detailed and illustrated reports on the Members' Displays given on 13th July Annual General and "Captain Cook - his early life and first voyage", the display given by Harry Wright on Saturday 10th August 2013. 

  • Book Reviews - As usual this issue includes a number of in-depth book reviews. This time these cover Swaziland, Great Britain Medicine Stamp Duty, Cyprus Registration Labels King George V Imperium Keyplates and the latest GB Concise Catalogue.  

 PLUS -  Other Regular Features - 

  • The President's Piece, National PS News

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Other Philatelic News 

  • Stamp Fairs Listing - October, November and December 2013.

December 2013

  • "The Patagonians", Early Greek Airmail Stamps - The Greek Airmail service began in 1925 and here Allan Boyce writes about the three airmail issues produced by the Italian airmail company AEI (Aero Espresso Italiana) between 1926 and 1933. 

  • Afghanistan - The Taliban and Post-Taliban Era - Often when countries feature in the news for war or similar reasons, the arrangements regarding stamps and postal services remain a mystery. In this article however, Robert Jack explains the situation in Afghanistan since the Russians left in 1988-89.

  • Checklist of Articles in the British Philatelic Press - our twice yearly listing covers the period January - June 2013.

  • New Issues

    • The first stamps from Singapore building up to the country's 50th Anniversary in 2015 

    • A stamp disguised as a newspaper from Iceland.

    • The Whaler's Church in South Georgia is one hundred years' old. 

    • The glories of the Hungary's Parliament Building - the second in a series of miniature sheets.

    • A further regimental stamp from Canada celebrating the "Hasty Ps" 

  • Meeting reports -  Detailed and illustrated reports on "Unusual Aspects of the Channel Islands" presented by Jon Aitchison FRPSL on Saturday 14 September and "A Selection of British Internal Airmails" given by Peter Lister FRPSL on 12 October 2013

  • Book Reviews - Detailed reviews are now a regular feature of the magazine. In this issue we look at
    The World's First Postage Stamp by Alan Holyoake, FRPSL, 
    The Italian South Atlantic Airline (LATI)
    by Martyn Cusworth 
    The British County Catalogue of Postal History (Midlands Edition)

    Norfolk Island Cancellations and Postal Markings (3rd ed) by D A R Murray Brown FRPSL
    Stamps of the Polar Worlds
    by Frank R Michel
    George V's Obsession - a King and his Stamps by Jack Shamash
    plus some of the latest catalogues from Stanley Gibbons - Part 11 Scandinavia (7th ed 2013), India (4th ed 2013) Australia (8th ed 2013) and Hong Kong (4th ed 2013)

 PLUS -  Other Regular Features - 

  • The President's Piece, National PS News

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Other Philatelic News including a report of the 2013 Stuart Rossiter Lecture and details of Royal Mail's new issues for 2014

  • Stamp Fairs Listing - December 2013, January and February 2014.

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