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October 2014 

  • Busta Lettera Postale" Stamps and cards, an Italian Experiment - Allan Boyce describes who between 1921 and 1925 the Italian Post Office sought to raise money for war invalids through the use of postcards and advertising labels attached to definitive stamps.

  • An intriguing cover re-directed to Japan - the addition of a flimsy re-addressing label in Japanese adds interest to a 1933 British cover that was many times re-directed as explained by Dave Hill.

  • South Africa in Angola - Ken Lawrence explains the background to the a "destroy after reading" handstamp features on this South African aerogram from the Angolan conflict of 1976. 

  • New Issues

  • Undersea and underwater -   stamps from the Bahamas mark the work of J E Williamson and the first undersea post office.

  • Canada marks the tragic loss of  the RMS Empress of Ireland that occurred just before the outbreak of war in 1914.

  • King and Empire - the new series from New Zealand that reflects how the First World War changed the country for ever.- an update including the new stamps issued in May 2014

  • A stamp from the Czech Republic featuring passenger paddle steamer The Franz Joseph I.  

  • Meeting report -  Detailed and illustrated reports on United States Miscellany given by Michael Goodman on Saturday 9 August 2014.

  • Book Reviews - Detailed reviews are now a regular feature of the magazine. In this issue we look at
    Afghanistan Specialised Catalogues 1934-1973 and 1973-2014 by Robert Jack
    The large Commemorative Datestamps of Japan
    by Charles A L Stevenson
    Imperial Censorship Operations in the Gambia in 1942 published by the Civil Censorship Study Group 
    British Commonwealth Revenues - 9th edition 2012 by John Barefoot Ltd
    Catalogues from Stanley Gibbons  - St Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha; Falkland Islands; Western Pacific; Collect Channel Islands & Isle of Man Stamps; Russia (Part 10)

      PLUS -  Other Regular Features - 

  • The President's Piece, National PS News, Message from the Editor

  • Other Philatelic News   

  • Stamp Fairs Listing -  October, November and December 2014


December 2014

  • The Queen and Country Project 2003-2010 - Brian Livingstone describes how a commission given to film director by the Imperial War Museum led to the creation of "a book containing stamp-like images of service personnel killed in Iraq, and how these might have been translated into real stamps.

  • My family and Captain Lionel Crouch, philatelist and war hero. Present-day member of the National Philatelic Society, Dave Hill looks back at two of his forebears, Alfred and James Hill, who were killed in the First World War and recalls how their captain was one Lionel Crouch was an early and active member of the National, known at that time as the Junior Philatelic Society.

  • Gregor Melikov, The Puzzle King - If you haven't heard of the Pictorial Stamp Collection and Exchange Contest, Michael Goodman here explains all.

  • Alice in Wonderland to kick off another busy and expensive year for collectors of GB new issues - Michael Goodman looks at what Royal mail have in store for 2015.

  • Checklist of Articles in the British Philatelic Press - our twice yearly listing covers the period January - June 2014.

  • New Issues

    • Spain marks the accession of King Philip VI

    • Iceland issued two musical instrument stamps for Europa 2014, the production of which was not without incident.

    • A new self-adhesive Posthorn stamp from Norway and an update on the current version of this celebrated and long-standing definitive.

    • The third in the series of stamps celebrating the splendours of the Hungarian Parliament building. 

    • The second issue from Singapore leading up to the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of of the country's independence.

  • Meeting reports -  Detailed and illustrated reports on Mail on the Steamship given by Malcolm Roberts on Saturday 13 September and on Concorde - Faster than a Bullet given by Brian Asquith on 11 October 2014, followed by a report on the successful Chelmsford Country Meeting held on Saturday 16 October with the Chelmsford Philatelic Society.

  • Annual Competitions 2014 - A full report on this annual event which is now held in November.

  • Book Reviews - Detailed and informative reviews are a regular feature of the magazine. In this issue we look at
    Barbados, The Britannia Issues by M Fitz Roett
    Ocean Penny Postage: a Maritime Social Philatelic Study -
    Author David Duncan Turner 
    The Perkins Bacon Archive Nos 3 & 4 - Facsimile volumes published by the Royal Philatelic Society, London. 
    Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue - New Zealand 5th edition 2014  

  PLUS -  Other Regular Features - 

  • The President's Piece, National PS News, Message from the Editor

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Other Philatelic News   

  • Stamp Fairs Listing -  December 2014, January and February 2015.


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